• Concentrate on Growing Your Business, use ERP Software!

    Business owners and managers are often distracted by day-to-day operations of running their company, activities like following up payments, balancing books, stock taking, procurement and more. This leaves them little time to focus on business development, drawing road maps and getting that next BIG DEAL. Your business can get by year to year, with little or no progress in such a scenario.

    We know that in order to succeed you need to have goals to achieve, in order to achieve goals, you need to be able to measure progress, and In order to measure progress, you need to be able to capture and analyze accurate data about your business operations, the kind of data that can help you make that major decision. It all starts by trading many of these monotonous/recurrent manual activities with computer software. Activities like manually drafting an invoice, quotation, receipt and the like can all be computerized in an automated system that just needs a few clicks and voila there is your professional document.

    Secondly even when You decide to use software to help in your business processes, make sure to choose something that wont slow you down instead. Its common to get excited by the so many Business applications available on the internet but many of these disparate specialty softwares are inadequate, and not comprehensive enough to do what needs to be done. Good Business software or rather Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is quite comprehensive with the ability to support and manage almost all the typical business processes. Operations such as financial accounting, supply chain, inventory, sales, manufacturing and distribution operations and more can all be managed using the software. ERP systems also provide crucial reports that help to make business decisions. These reports can be generated quickly with pin point precision in relation to data compiled and hence can accessed easily and in real time.

    Some of the most common and best ERP software suites is, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Infor, Odoo, Netsuite, and ERP5. These tools are state of the art ERP systems, quite comprehensive, robust and reliable. These tools are employed by medium to large enterprises. The likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP won't come cheap, but atleast they are worth what you pay for provided your integrator or IT team does a good job integrating it in your business. On the flip side ERP5 and Odoo (OCA), which happens to be our favorite are open source, these systems just like Microsoft and Oracle are also enterprise grade.

    Odoo is a powerful opensource ERP/CRM and comprehensive business applications. It has a rich web interface that is both feature rich and powerful, that is highly customizable to suit your business requirements. And that's one of the main reasons we love Odoo, it's very flexible, highly customizable in that we can build our own modules on top that extend its business logic to fit our specific needs or rather our Client's needs. With inherent features like Accounting, Business Intelligence, CRM, Human Resource, Inventory, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Sales and Marketing you are pretty much covered running your business. However Odoo shouldn't be looked as an off-the-shelf solution. It requires significant time for both the planning and implementation (as most large software projects do), there is abit of a learning curve.

    In summary, today for any business to truly grow with times it needs to be supported by the right technology. ERP systems are absolutely essential for any business, from small to large. The systems help automate business processes and provide drill-down reports making it easier and quicker for the owners to realistically expand their business.

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