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    Are you taking advantage of all the available options the Internet has to offer? If not, it may be time to start. Most businesses have started to take social media more seriously. They are spending time and effort developing their profiles and reaching out to customers. It makes a lot of sense for a business to have an online presence beyond their website.

    Social media, once called a fad, has become the norm and is going to be with us for some time. A large number of companies already have an online presence, and are taking advantage of the benefits that social media can bring. Here are a number of things you can do to get your social media adventures underway.

    Be Clear on Social Media 
    It’s important that before you start looking into the different forms of social media that are out there, you are clear on what social media is, and what it isn’t. Social media is a way to meet people, and share content and ideas with them. For companies, it is a form of non-traditional marketing (think of it as soft marketing). It’s not meant to be the place where you flog your products, rather a place to develop interest in your company, so people will want to do business with you. By using social media you can show people who your company is, and connect with them on a more personal level. If you are clear on what social media is from the beginning, chances are higher that you will be successful when you develop your online presence.


    Before You Launch Into Social Media 
    There are a number of things that your company needs to have either already done, or considered, before you jump in:

    • Have a website: It’s a good idea to have a solid website with information about your company, contact information, products and services. Most potential customers will look at your website after looking searching for you online, and before they choose to do business with you. It is therefore important to provide the relevant information they are looking for.
    • Stake a claim. One should to go to the main social media websites – Google+, Face book, LinkedIn, Whats app and YouTube – and reserve your personal and business usernames. This is important because it will make you look more professional by having the same username across all sites, and users will be able to find you easier.
    • Ask for help if you need it. While some companies make social media sound easy, it can be deceptively hard to master. If you feel lost, or are having a tough time with it, there are knowledgeable consultants like us out there who are happy to help.

    One Thing to Not Forget 
    There is one really important thing we can share with businesses thinking of pursuing social media: it isn’t a turnkey operation. You can’t just create it and forget all about it. To be successful, you need to be active by posting updates, news, and above all interacting with the people who reach out to you. After all, they are your customers. If you do establish your social presence but forget to keep it up to date, you will be the company that is forgotten.

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