Project Description

The basic idea of a car is pretty simple – turn wheels to pull you down the road. But it actually takes a lot of machinery to make cars work. What happens when one of these parts like the engine, braking and electrical systems break down? In this case, you need an auto part shop centre you can trust. One with genuine products at a cost friendly price. This is Fast Fit for you.

Fast Fit is a company dealing in sale of auto parts in Uganda. With a wide range of clients from all over the region, FastFit is your one stop shop center for auto parts of all car types. Having numerous auto parts like brake parts, engines, power trains, steering and tyre parts means that at any one time, there are many products at the shop or stores. Keeping track of all these items may be difficult without an appropriate and efficient business solution system.

Jil Insights approached and presented FastFit with an all round business solution that saw to the Client specific requirements. JiL Insights’ ERP solution provided Fast Fit with an easy way of tracking incoming and outgoing inventory with its warehouse management system. This system also helps the assigned manager know how much stock is in place, where it is and the total monetary value. The best part is the fully packaged and user friendly accounting system that helps with creation of invoices, payments, receipts and reports. Reports could include; sales analysis, purchase analysis and executive reports. All these systems were customized by JIL Insights to fit into the Client’s needs.


  • Full Accounting System
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management System
  • Sales and Purchases Management
  • Human Resource Management

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