Project Description

Advance Afrika is a non-profit organization promoting sustainable livelihoods for young people through enabling access to skills development, environment sustainability and food security, and through reducing vulnerability.

Advance Afrika in collaboration with Uganda Prisons Service assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of prison inmates into their communities. This created a need for a computerized system that would support management of the project in the reporting process, collaboration and having an interactive user friendly inmate database.

Why JiL Insights

The main objective was to provide an Information Management System (IMS) to simplify project reporting in real time and collaboration.

JiL Insights was chosen because of its experience in IMS software development. We were able to employ an agile development process that enabled us articulate the client needs and create a proto-type of the required system within two weeks.

The project

The major goal was to design a system that would enable the Advance Africa team to monitor, track and enhance prisoner details and records after being released.

The client required a system that would it make it possible to generate reports and get notifications to the relevant members in real time. As such, JiL Insights was able to present the Advance Afrika team with a proto-type of the system that was browser based offering full white label solutions and a complete brand customization.

This was later developed into a full functional system that would enable the users;

  • Collaborative functionality through an online database tool accessed by the Advance Afrika staff and also for them to make necessary real time updates when required.
  • Make notifications through Email and SMS that can be sent and viewed by the Executive Director and other users.
  • To take pictures and upload them to the system in real time.

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