The vehicle rental industry has grown dramatically online and companies without an interactive website are missing out. In this technological age, one has to constantly keep up with what is trending and car rental businesses are no exception.

Naboth Car Hire is a renowned company in Uganda offering quality and affordable car hire for example to the Electoral Commission in the recently concluded elections, hotels, villas, tours and safaris in East Africa. Their professionalism and quality services are specially tailored for both residents and non residents like tourists, e.t.c.

JIL Insights was contracted by Naboth Car Hire to design a website, domain registration and hosting.  With website design and development being one of our core strength, the highly innovative and creative web design staff were able to build a state of the art, CMS based website with a very friendly user interface. Bookings can be done online; various hotel and safari destination locations can also be cited and viewed. Information about Naboth Car Hire services is also available on the website in case one is interested in more inquiries or bookings. Car hire hotel reservations and safaris all under one service with NCH (Naboth Car Hire).

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