Customer Relations Management Software

The key to attracting more sales to your business is to have great customer care, being productive, and organized. Thats where our CRM software comes in, helping change a good team into an exceptional one. With the CRM the Job is much easier for you and your team. You have a direct over view of your performance from the dashboard, meetings, next actions, statistics and more can all summarized and can easily accessed from here.

You have a structured approach to your performance, the pipeline, which shows you stages that you may go through before closing any deal. With this CRM you have a sales management tool that is really efficient, you and your team can be very organized. .

The reporting tool in the system is also super powerful,  helping you to know the exact evolution of the leads over the past month or have a look at the potential revenues or performance of the different teams or conversion of leads to opportunities. So with the software you can have clear report on every activity based on  predefined metrics.

You can even manage phone calls by using the VoIP app. The system will also help you create beautiful quotations or invoices and send them directly to the client's email. use email marketing for marketing campaigns to your customers and prospects.



  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Leads Management
  • Customer Database
  • Voice Call Intergration (with Asterisk)
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Sales Cycle


  • Helping drive performance by automating tasks
  • Collectively engages slaes tema
  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Captures all your leads and sales data
  • Automatic reporting to use for evaluation