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Computer Networks

Any corporate oragnisation needs a computer network, commonly known as a Data Network to effectively execute day to day activities. It important to have a smart, secure and robust network to readily support all you company’s digital oriented needs

JiL will help build the kind of Data Network fit for your company’s needs. Leveraging over 5years of experience in Data Networks, you can be assured of a smart, secure and robust network.

Benefits of a well built Network;

  • Connecting all Staff and Network nodes like Printers, Scanners, Projectors and More
  • Securing company Data
  • Mobility with Wireless
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Private mailing & file sharing
  • Automation
  • Privileged Network Monitoring (for Security Purposes)

Features of our Typical Work;

  • Firewalls
  • Domain Controllers
  • File and E-Mail Servers
  • Standard Office Softwares
  • WiFi
  • Smart Structured Cabling (Copper and Fiber)