• Concentrate on Growing Your Business, use ERP Software!

    Business owners and managers are often distracted by day-to-day operations of running their company, activities like following up payments, balancing books, stock taking, procurement and more. This leaves them little time to focus on business development, drawing road maps and getting that next BIG DEAL. Your business can get by year to year, with little or no progress in such a scenario.

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    Why A Website?

    If you are reading this, its highly likely you are interested in a website or wondering whats all this buzz about websites. Well, truth told there are major justifiable reasons for having a website most especially a business website. Actually today more than ever, websites are a necessity for almost any business to grow, helping them attract more and more clientele.

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  • Drupal! Your Ideal CMS Web Solution

    Using a CMS for your website is a smart investment. It gives users a powerful, yet simple experience in development and maintenance of a Website. Under the hood of a CMS is complex programming, hundreds of lines of Code, but from the users (Site Administrator and Standard Site Member) view point it’s a series of forms for adding or editing content. At JiL we provide CMS Solutions mainly built on Drupal and Wordpress.